Warm Edge Spacer Technology For Windows Services in Alexandria & Rapides Parish

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If your windows let air out even when closed, you may be wasting money on lost heat or cooling. When you call Atlas Home Service for window installation, make sure to ask about warm edge spacer technology. Our installers will be more than happy to add on warm edge spacers to your new window installation service.

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What Is Warm Edge Technology in Rapides Parish, Louisiana?

Warm edge spacer technology uses a metal or composite material to create an insulating barrier between the panes of glass in a window. It is an excellent choice for energy efficiency, a feature many homeowners love. The spacer helps save money on unnecessary heating expenses.

Warm edge technology is only available for double-glazed windows with a framing edge for the spacer, so it’s important that you let your Atlass Home Service installer know you are interested in adding warm edge spacer technology to your installation beforehand to ensure they have all the right materials when they arrive. Our technicians can answer your questions with our 24/7 live answers service.

Why Should You Have Warm Edge Technology in Alexandria & Rapides Parish?

An inefficient window that lets warm air out forces your heater to work harder to maintain the temperature in your home, driving up your energy bill. Many windows are insulated with aluminum bars, which can be ineffective. Warm edge spacer technology is much more reliable. Investing in warm edge spacer technology for new windows promises a heat-saving technique that works.

Conventional windows also don’t prevent condensation. Condensation can ruin wooden frames, prompting expensive repairs. It can also increase humidity in your home, causing mold or mildew growth near the windows. Warm edge spacer technology prevents this intrusion while keeping your home at your desired temperature. Our knowledgeable & friendly team will help you install it using the highest-quality materials.

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