Sliding Patio Door Installation in Alexandria

Let natural light pour in during the day or throw the door wide open during a sultry Louisiana night to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors. That’s the benefit of sliding patio doors, which offer comfort and convenience. 

At Atlas Home Service, we provide quality sliding patio doors to homeowners throughout Alexandria and surrounding communities. 

Considerations for Your Sliding Glass Door

Patio doors, or sliding glass doors, are your home’s connection to the Great Outdoors. Whether you want a panoramic view of the Red River or to improve traffic flow between the interior and exterior, patio doors offer several envious benefits. Of course, as with any architectural feature, patio doors deserve careful consideration. They came in a variety of styles and sizes. The window pros at Atlas Home Service are happy to guide you through the selection process, keeping your needs and budget in mind. 

Here are several important decisions we can help you make: 

  • Size: If you’re upgrading your patio door, it’s likely you’ll replace it with one of the same size. However, this is also a good time to consider going bigger. Keep in mind, we’ll need to retrofit your home to accommodate a larger door, increasing the expense, but you just might have the views to justify the cost. 
  • Materials: Wood, aluminum, vinyl and steel – they each have their pros and cons. We can help you find the right balance between style, efficiency and affordability. 
  • Style: Glass doors that slide along a track are not your only option. You might also be interested in French doors (a pair of doors that open independently on hinges) or swinging doors which typically feature one fixed panel. 
  • Efficiency: The R-value, U-factor and UV coating will play a large role in the door’s performance and your comfort. Ultimately, you’ll want a door that resists thermal intrusion and blocks damaging UV rays. We can help explain the specifications. 

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Atlas Home Service: Wide Open to Serve You

Atlas Home Service is Alexandria’s trusted expert on sliding patio doors, from installation to repair and maintenance. Our No. 1 goal is to preserve your comfort all year with efficient windows and sliding glass doors. 

Ready to learn what a difference a quality patio door can do for your home? Contact us today!

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