Bow & Bay Windows

Professional Installation in Alexandria, LA

Replacing standard windows with a bow or bay window can change the look of a room or an entire house. These upgraded windows bring in more natural light, helping each room feel larger. Since these windows have more glass than a typical window, homeowners also enjoy greater views of the outside from the comfort of their homes.

We Install Top-Quality Bow & Bay Windows

Not all bay and box windows are created equal. We install windows that meet rigorous standards.

In every box and bay window, you are guaranteed to get the following:

  • All trim and window stops are made with #1 clear white pine
  • Structure supports spacious projection for visual depth and utility
  • Warm edge spacer system
  • Exterior Vinyl cladding is completely maintenance free
  • Insulated seat board
  • Meets Energy Star requirements with Low-E/Argon glass

Trust the windows experts at Atlas Home Service to install new bow or bay windows in your home. For a free estimate, contact us online or call (318) 310-4189.

Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows have three sections that protrude outward. The three sections are most commonly angled at 45 or 90 degrees.

These windows do more than bring in more natural light. They can also be an extension of your home, offering flexibility in design options.

Examples of how to use a bay window can be used include the following:

  • Reading Benches
  • Breakfast Nooks
  • Window Seats
  • Workspaces

Bay windows can enhance views and increase the functionality of your home. These windows can also potentially improve your home’s indoor air quality. The wall attached to a bay window has a more open surface area. More air from the outside can come in, allowing for better ventilation.

Benefits of Bow windows

A bow window has four or more sections in an arc shape. While slightly different in look than a bay window, bow windows offer many of the same advantages. Larger than bay windows, they make any room appear even larger and give homeowners a real bird’s-eye view to the outside.

When to Consider Installing a Bay or Bow Window

You can install a bay or bow window at any time you want to enhance the look and function of your home. That said, when an existing window stops working optimally is a perfect time to replace it with a new bay or bow window. 

Here are some signs your current window needs to be replaced:

  • Hard to Close & Open
  • Cold or Warm Drafts
  • Condensation Between Panes
  • Water Leaks 
  • Outdoor Noise
  • Higher Energy Bills

Replacing that old window with a high-efficiency new bay or bow window can make the home more comfortable while lowering your energy costs. These windows can be installed with an invisible Low-E coating that reflects heat, a big advantage in hot Louisiana. 

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Trusted Bay & Bow Window Installers in Alexandria, LA

Bay and bow windows are excellent additions to any home. When an Atlas Home Service professional installs your new window, you can trust that it will be properly installed. Cheap and unskilled installation can lead to gaps between the sill and frame, water damage, improper operation, and deeper structural issues over time.  

Our commitment to workmanship and service is second to none. Our goal is to make your home comfortable year-round, and we have decades of experience behind us. 

When you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and value with a bay or bow window, turn to the licensed and insured experts at Atlas Home Service. Call (318) 310-4189 today for your free estimate.

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