Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About AC Filters

Air Filter 101

Tucked away within the many nooks and crannies of a home’s massive HVAC system, air filters are not at the forefront of home heating and cooling operations, but they are an integral part of it. But what exactly do they do, and why are they so essential to an HVAC system?

How An Air Filter Functions

An AC air filter is an HVAC system’s most crucial component. Suppose the HVAC is tasked with drawing in air from the room to regulate its temperature by heating or cooling it. In that case, it is an air filter’s task to ensure that whatever room air gets sucked into the system is free from particles large and small that may contaminate it. Its purpose? Clean the air by “filtering” it or removing any impurities before it is heated or cooled and returned to the room. These impurities could range from large particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens to small ones like viruses and bacteria. 

Replacing Filters Regularly

filterAn air filter starts clean, but as the HVAC constantly passes room air through it, the particles it removes from the air accumulate across its fine mesh screen, making it dirtier and dirtier with every use. At a certain point, when these contaminants have built up enough, the AC filter can no longer trap more impurities and is no longer cleaning the air for the HVAC as effectively.

This essentially does two things. For one, a dirty AC filter could allow dirt to pass through and accumulate in the heating and cooling system and the ductwork that distributes it all over the house. For another, a dirty air filter could make the AC work harder to pass the air through a dirty filter, making the whole heating and cooling process inefficient and, therefore, a more expensive, energy-consuming operation.

To prevent both of these things from happening, it is recommended that air filters be replaced at least once every 3 months. Air filter replacement should be done more frequently if the HVAC runs more frequently, such as at peak times during the summer and winter. This ensures that the AC runs efficiently and that the air it redistributes around the house is clean so that homeowners feel healthy and live free from allergies and other respiratory conditions.

Why Is It Important to Keep To The Replacement Schedule?

benefitsAsk any HVAC technician, and say that one of the best and easiest things homeowners can do to keep their HVAC systems and indoor air quality in great condition is to conduct AC filter replacement like clockwork throughout the year. The process is simple, easy, and can be done virtually hassle-free. By doing this, HVAC systems will save money by working as efficiently as possible and ensure that homes have comfortably breathable air provided by a machine that can carry on this process for a long time.

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