Get a Dehumidifier This Summer

What Is Humidity? 

Humidity is inevitable in the bayou, but that doesn’t mean homeowners must deal with it. Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. It’s what makes the air feel heavy after a thunderstorm, and it can make temperatures feel hotter than they are. If a home becomes too humid, it will feel uncomfortable and cause mold growth, appliance breakdowns, and high energy bills. 

Here, homeowners can learn about lowering indoor humidity by getting a whole-house dehumidifier. For help finding an energy-efficient dehumidifier, one can check out this resource from EnergyStar

What Is a Dehumidifier? How Does It Work? 

dehumidifierDehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, lowering temperatures and combating mold growth. Here’s a basic overview of how these appliances work: 

  • The dehumidifier draws air
  • It takes the air over coils filled with refrigerant, cooling it down
  • The difference in temperature causes water droplets to form and collect in a tray
  • The dehumidifier pushes the treated air back into the house

Many department stores sell dehumidifiers for around $120. Yet, these only devices only treat certain parts of the home. That’s why homeowners should consider getting whole-home dehumidifiers. These ensure comfort throughout all the rooms of the house, plus they offer additional features not included in portable models. 

When Should a Homeowner Get a Dehumidifier? 

moldOne should consider getting a dehumidifier if: 

  • The home constantly feels “muggy.” The more moisture in the air, the muggier a home may feel. 
  • Mold and mildew begin to form. These substances grow in moist, dark places. Not only can they cause property damage, but they can also cause respiratory problems. 
  • The home feels warmer than it should, despite the AC being on. Humidity doesn’t increase a home’s temperature but makes it feel hotter. Per the National Weather Service, if a home’s AC is set at 80 degrees, but there’s 80 percent humidity, it will feel like it’s 86 degrees. 

Condensation may also form on the windows when there’s high humidity. 

The Benefits of Getting a Dehumidifier 

There are many benefits to installing a dehumidifier. Within days, a homeowner will: 

  • Save money. Excessive humidity can lead to mold growth and other headaches that require a professional’s insight. Nobody wants to spend money on once-avoidable fixes. 
  • See lower energy bills. A home’s AC system might not work as hard if there’s less moisture in the air. Not only does this reduce wear and tear on the unit, but it can also save money on monthly utility bills. 
  • Feel comfortable. High humidity can make one feel like they’re sitting in a dryer. Yet, when a dehumidifier draws moisture from the air, one can finally turn off those box fans and enjoy their summer. 
  • Mold prevention. As noted, high humidity can cause mold growth. Removal can require extensive remediation, which comes with a hefty price tag. 
  • Breathe easier. Too much humidity can lead to respiratory problems in some people. With a dehumidifier, they could breathe easier. 

About Atlas Home Service 

And just who is Atlas Home Service? The phenomenal purple people, that’s who! These HVAC professionals proudly serve Alexandria, LA, and the surrounding areas. They offer flat rate pricing, trustworthy technicians, and honest advice. For more information or to schedule an appointment for dehumidifier service, call now. 

Gear Up For Tons of Summer Fun With These Amazing Backyard Upgrades

Create the Perfect Summer Vibe With These Outdoor Features

With the onset of summer ushering people outdoors, parties, get-togethers, and other small or big shindigs are also moving al fresco. For homeowners, this means looking for great backyard ideas that will transform their outdoor living spaces from ho-hum to Instagrammable to create the best possible backdrop for the perfect summer gathering. 

Set the Mood With Exterior Lighting

lightingNothing sets the mood quite like the perfect set of outdoor lights, and there is no shortage of options for the type of lighting a homeowner wants to achieve to properly illuminate different outdoor spaces. Because different home exterior areas have different lighting requirements, exterior lights come in various styles, sizes, and power sources. 

Homeowners can choose the type of outdoor lighting based on the purpose of each space. Pathways, and stairways or steps, for example, need to be lit with safety in mind, so the obvious choice would be pathway lights or step lights meant to give guests a sense of vertical or horizontal direction. Archways and gazebos may benefit from romantic fairy lights, while door frames can be lit with sconces and wall lanterns. On the other hand, patios, porches, and decks may benefit from ceiling and pendant lights that provide adequate illumination, while a lawn may need floodlights for security.

Keep a Generator on Standby

generatorAt the peak of summer, when a seemingly endless heat wave roils the country, most people will tap into the power grid to keep their air conditioners running. In some cases, blackouts do occur when there isn’t enough supply to meet that demand. Not only can this kill the party vibe quickly, but it’ll make everyone uncomfortable in the summer heat. 

This is where generators come in handy. Having a generator on standby in case of a power outage not only saves any gathering from becoming an utter failure, but it’ll be useful beyond one season. It can serve homeowners well into the summer and throughout winter, too, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Invest in a Pool or a Hot Tub

What’s an outdoor party in the summer without some form of water entertainment? Adding a pool or hot tub to a home’s backyard increases the fun exponentially and adds value to the home. Not to mention all the hours of fun it can provide for the family outside of social gatherings and the convenience of having it right outside the house. These reasons alone can cover the significant cash required to set up that pool or hot tub.

But for those who take that plunge, pools, and hot tubs are serious installations despite their reputation for fun. As such, these backyard additions must be wired safely by a professional electrician to comply with current electrical codes and regulations. Once all the Xs and O’s have been checked, everyone is free to enjoy these installations throughout summer, creating memories that will surely be unforgettable.

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Atlas Home Service is a premier electrical services provider in Alexandria, specializing in generators, heating, cooling, and electrical and window services. This family-owned, woman-operated company employs fully licensed and insured technicians, who are knowledgeable and friendly, not just to customers but also to their precious pets. Call them today for electrical service in Alexandria, LA.