Three Signs that Electrical Panel Repairs Are Needed

Recognizing Trouble with the Breaker Panel

Owning a home can be a chore. Keeping the home running smoothly involves a lot of chores over the years. To keep everything running as it should takes the help of a team of dedicated experts applying their skills. An electrician is one of the experts that every homeowner should have on their team. 

One of the things electricians can help with around the home is by advising about the age and condition of the electrical system inside the home. Over the years, parts of the electrical system will wear out or building codes will change, requiring updates from these qualified experts. One common thing that electricians can address in particular is the breaker panel. 

Over time, breaker panels succumb to problems that can reduce the electrical system’s reliability in the home or create a hazard. Here are a few things to look out for regarding electrical panels. If any of these occurrences are common, calling for help from an electrician is the prudent choice. 

Flickering Lights 

lightThe first and usually most recognizable sign that the breaker box needs some attention is flickering lights. Lights that flicker in the house caused by a breaker panel deficiency are due to a loss of power. This can occur because surfaces in the breaker box are corroded, impeding electrical flow, or poor connections cause lights to dim when large appliances turn on and steal current. 

Check the lightbulbs before calling a professional to rule out problems that masquerade as a bad electrical panel. In many cases, bad light bulbs display the same characteristics as problems in the breaker box. However, if the problem is noticeable in different rooms or across the home, the breaker panel is the likely problem. 

Smells Like Something is Burning 

The biggest threat that an outdated or aging electrical panel can pose is the threat of fires. Despite industry advancements and stringent building codes, electrical fires are still a common source of property damage, with many of them attributable to bad breaker panels. Any time there is a burning smell near the breaker panel or any electrical component, homeowners should call an electrician. Burning smells are always signs of a serious problem, and extreme caution should be taken when they are near the breaker box. 

Old Age 

old panelElectrical panel repair is probably one of the most neglected services electricians render, so problems tend to get ignored. Repairing or replacing electrical panels is a fairly invasive project and only needs to be done every 25 to 50 years. Between these two factors, most homeowners will forgo this valuable service, but they do so to their detriment. Aging electrical panels are more likely to cause problems and start fires. If the panel in a home is nearing 30 years old, it is usually best to plan and get the electrical panel inspected and replaced before serious problems occur. 

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