Add Coil Maintenance to the Spring Cleaning List

Save Money and Stay Cool with Coil Cleaning 

Summer is coming, and that means warm temperatures and high humidity. With stifling summers, the one reprieve is the cool, dry air in every home provided by the air conditioner. Unfortunately, to amend the weather conditions to make the indoors tolerable, bills can skyrocket, and all of that extra work on the part of the air conditioner can take a toll on the equipment causing mechanical problems. 

Luckily it’s not too late to add AC maintenance to the spring cleaning checklist. Most spring cleaning tasks aim to prepare the home for summer, and AC maintenance is no different. During maintenance, technicians will perform a task called “coil cleaning.” This indispensable service can help lower bills and keep the home more comfortable in the coming summer. Here is a quick guide to help owners understand the benefits of AC coil cleaning. 

What are Evaporator Coils? 

evaporator coilsThe evaporator coils in an AC do the work of providing the cooling power to the unit. Inside the evaporator coil, refrigerant is allowed to turn into a gas, rapidly removing heat from the air being pushed across the coil. Since this process is heavily dependent on heat transfer, the slightest buildup on the coil can have insulative effects that rob the unit of efficiency. 

During normal operation, the evaporator coil can accumulate dust and dander. Despite being protected by the air filter, small particles still slip through and cling to the evaporator coil. During evaporator coil cleaning, technicians carefully use chemicals to remove grime from the evaporator coil. This process makes the air conditioner far more efficient by allowing easy heat transfer. 

How do Condenser Coils get Dirty? 

condenser coilsOnce the refrigerant in the evaporator coil has expanded into a gas, it has to be compressed and condensed into a liquid again. This process generates heat in addition to the heat that the refrigerant absorbs in the evaporator coil. To dispel this heat, the condenser coil gets to work. 

The condenser coil in an air conditioner sits outside the home, subject to the whims of nature. Without the protection of filters, the condenser coils can capture a huge amount of dust and dirt from the surrounding environment. The dust and dirt inhibit heat transfer and reduce the air volume that can be moved across the coil to cool the refrigerant. This results in a loss of efficiency that can be easily restored with condenser coil cleaning. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Steps 

Cleaning both coils is simple and uses a similar process for each. In most cases, technicians will use powerful cleaners to remove grime from coils. These chemicals are foaming detergents that lift and wash away the dust and dirt that prevents effective heat transfer. The detergents are left on the evaporator coils, and the air conditioner is run. During normal operation, the humidity in the home will wash the coils clean. On the outdoor coil, water hoses are generally used to wash away detergents and grime. This allows homeowners to see a noticeable improvement in the performance of their air conditioners. 

About Atlas Home Service

Atlas Home Service is a woman-owned business that adds a personal touch to HVAC and electrical contracting. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff offers coil cleaning and memberships to take the hassle out of spring cleaning for the air conditioner. Call today for phenomenal AC service in Alexandria, LA. 

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Get a Headstart on AC Maintenance This Autumn

Why Homeowners Should Schedule HVAC Maintenance Visits Before Fall and Winter 

The HVAC system may have run perfectly all summer long. Yet, once autumn and winter hit, matters could change. The HVAC system could have a hard time heating the entire home. The home’s indoor air quality could take a turn for the worse––leaving homeowners sneezing and coughing around the clock. 

This is why homeowners need to schedule end-of-year maintenance visits before it’s too late. The longer one waits, the busier local businesses become with appointments and other obligations. One doesn’t want to wait weeks for an HVAC company to diagnose a problem. They want to ensure a functioning HVAC system before winter comes. 

The Many Benefits of Maintaining the Heater 

benefitsEnergyStar lists the many benefits of arranging yearly maintenance visits. Some of these benefits include: 
  • A longer lifespan. The U.S. Department of Energy notes that HVAC systems generally last for 15 years. With maintenance, one can make their system last even longer. They can also reduce the likelihood of problems that come with inevitable wear and tear. 
  • Catching small problems. Some small problems may not seem like a big deal right now. However, these problems can worsen when the HVAC system “kicks into high gear” during the latter half of the year. A professional can keep these problems from arising and keep everything in working order. 
  • Lower energy bills. When the HVAC system works harder than it has to, this can lead to higher-than-normal energy bills. This can quickly strain one’s wallet––the last thing anyone wants during the holiday season. 

What Does a Heating Maintenance Professional Do? 

filterWhen one schedules a heating maintenance visit, a professional will: 
  • Lubricate the system. An HVAC system has a lot of moving parts. When not properly lubricated, parts can wear down and need constant replacement. The system may also struggle to maintain the ideal in-home temperature. 
  • Change the air filter. EnergyStar notes that homeowners should change their HVAC system’s air filter once every three months. The system’s air filters maintain the home’s temperature. A maintenance professional can check the system’s air filter and determine whether it needs replacing. 
  • Check the system’s connections. Any loose connection in a gas, electrical, or water-powered system can have disastrous results. It can lead to fires, health problems, and other complications––all of which can be avoidable if caught in time. 

As noted, HVAC systems generally last 15 years. If one’s system is older, a professional may suggest getting a new unit. 

It’s Never Too Early to Consider an HVAC Maintenance Visit 

Right now, the HVAC system may work perfectly. However, when temperatures dip below 50 degrees, matters may change. With this in mind, it’s never too early to consider scheduling an annual HVAC maintenance visit. By ensuring the HVAC system is working properly, one can avoid discomfort when the first cold front of the year blows in. They can also avoid burst pipes, high energy bills, and frustration. 

About Altas Home Service 

Atlas Home Service knows that HVAC maintenance is a year-long endeavor. That’s why, for pennies a day, homeowners can sign up for their membership plan. This gives members access to exclusive offers not afforded to first-time customers. For more information on HVAC services in Alexandria, LA, one can call today to learn more .