Put HVAC Technicians on This Year’s Gratitude List

Heating and Cooling Services To Be Thankful For

HVAC technicians fix both air conditioning and heating systems to keep temperatures safe. Extreme heat, especially for the elderly, can cause dehydration and physical weakness if the home isn’t reasonably cool. Likewise, chilly winters are dangerous and can cause respiratory issues and even hypothermia. HVAC professionals are trained to handle complex problems from multiple components in both ventilation systems. 

A Cozy Home for the Holidays

winterA warm indoor climate while it’s chilly or snowing is one way to create a cozy atmosphere for the holidays. Although many homeowners depend on their heating system, they come to expect its ability to function year after year. Preventing HVAC issues during the cold months should be completed a few months in advance. 

A broken heater can still produce warm air. This is often misleading for people that think HVAC systems are a zero-sum game. If the warm air is not sufficient enough to heat the whole house, however, this will cause electric bills to spike. It also means the unit must work twice as hard to provide power.

Homeowners are advised to check their heater before December. Trained HVAC contractors will inspect the thermostat, air vents, inducer motor, blower, and furnace before running necessary tests. This can help prevent expensive repairs in the future.

A Cool Summer Breeze

summerBoth temperature and humidity matter during the summer. The indoor climate can seem damp without central air conditioning, even with natural wind or fans. 

Annual HVAC inspections can improve air quality throughout the entire house. Pollen, dust, and pet dander will likely accumulate if the air ducts are not working and the filters still need to be changed. Without proper ventilation, the air conditioner essentially circulates dirty air through the vents.

Heating and cooling companies help with a variety of problems. Refrigerant leaks, circuit malfunction, lack of cool air, and odd cooling cycles are some of the most common A/C complaints. If an air conditioner is always running, this also causes bills to rise. Although summer preparation costs money up-front, it ultimately saves cash and time by avoiding costly A/C and heater repair services. HVAC maintenance is important for sustaining the unit and preventing immediate problems. 

Keeping Air Quality Safe

Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, refers to the air inside a home or office. Even commercial buildings that do not house animals can still produce dirty air without air conditioner repair services. Working HVAC units are advised for both work and home environments.

Poor air quality leads to physical discomfort and, in some cases, illness. Viruses are one of the most obvious winter air quality problems. Colds and other air-borne illnesses spread through contaminants floating in the air. A working air conditioning system will filter out indoor air pollution. 

Pollen allergies are more likely to occur in the spring and summer. When circulated, these particles can irritate the eyes, difficulty breathing, and rashes. By hiring an HVAC professional during the early spring and fall, tenants can avoid a major headache. 

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