Easy Ways to Save Money on Holiday Decorations

Three Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decorations 

Money practically flies out of homeowners’ wallets when the holidays roll around. When they’re not spending money on Black Friday deals, they’re spending money on energy bills––and during the winter, they can easily get into the triple digits. So, does that mean the front of the house has to be bare this holiday season? Of course not. 

Here, homeowners can learn about decorating their residences for the holidays. These easy money-saving tips ensure homeowners save money without sacrificing their festive spirits. 

Get LED Lights led lights

The U.S. Department of Energy says that if someone is serious about saving money this holiday season, they should throw out their old stands of Christmas lights and switch to LED lights. EnergyStar-branded LED lights use 75 percent less energy than their competitors and last up to 25 times longer. 

Some other benefits of LED Christmas lights include: 

  • The bulbs don’t get hot, so they don’t burn users upon touch
  • LED lights offer more colors than incandescent bulbs
  • LEDs are designed to emit light in a certain direction, making them more powerful than most lights on today’s market

LED lights are also pretty cheap. One can score a 75-foot strand of LED holiday lights online for under $20. That’s a pretty good investment, considering that LED lights can last up to 20 years. 

Get Battery-Operated Christmas Lights 

Battery-operated holiday decorations take money-saving to the next level. Here, a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about tangled extension cords, electrical fires, and other complications. Instead, they can buy batteries at their local hardware store and watch the magic happen. Here are some of the many benefits of battery-operated decorations: 

  • A homeowner doesn’t have to worry about their electrical bills spiking during the holiday season––at least, not because of holiday decorations. 
  • Homeowners have many options when it comes to getting holiday decorations that run on batteries. They can opt for LED lights, animatronics, projectors, and other outdoor Christmas decorations. 
  • Battery-operated decorations give homeowners more versatility when decorating. They don’t have to base their designs around where an outlet is. They don’t have to open windows to snake extension cords through, either. 

Rely on Old School Traditions and Use Candles candles

Many historians believe that holiday decorations became popular when Germans immigrated to the United States in the 1800s. They brought many traditions overseas, including the good ol’ Christmas trees. Because they didn’t have electricity (and, by extension, outdoor Christmas lights), they relied on candle-lit displays to show their warm tidings. 

While candles can bring a special touch to one’s holiday spectacle, here are some important things to keep in mind, per the National Candle Association

  • Homeowners should never leave candles unattended, even if they’re just going to the gas station down the block
  • Homeowners should never burn a candle near anything flammable––like the Christmas tree
  • Don’t burn the candle all the way down to the wick; doing so is a fire hazard
  • Don’t put candles too close to the Christmas tree; instead, one should rely on LED Christmas tree lights

There are more than 8,000 house fires each year. One can avoid being a statistic by heeding the advice listed above. 

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Halloween Decorations Can Cause Serious Electrical Issues

Common Halloween Decorations Create Electrical Overloads

Halloween decorations are not as taxing on the electrical systems as some other holidays, such as Christmas, but they come close behind. These types of decorations are so dangerous because they are designed to be outside, all hooked into one or two outdoor outlets that are not designed to hold that much at one time. 

Overloading outlets creates a volatile situation with electrical fires that can get out of hand very quickly. Overloading is not the only way that this can occur, either. The Halloween decorations are often hooked to the power through damaged cords without any surge protectors installed. 

Inspect That Classic Halloween Decor

halloweenBefore putting any of the Halloween yard decorations out, inspect the wires and connectors for any damage. Look for frayed wires, broken plugs, exposed wires, or any other damage that may indicate a problem.

The most common Halloween decorations that can be seen throughout the nation are Halloween inflatables. The cool lighted decorations use electric-powered motors to inflate and stay inflated as long as they are hooked up to the electrical outlets. 

These can draw a substantial amount of power, and since they are outdoors in the rain and snow, they create a problem waiting to happen. Thankfully, there are a few ways to prevent issues and still have inflatables in the front yard. 

Check the Connections

Using numerous extension cords is one of the biggest causes of blown fuses. Any faulty wires within the circuit will burn out before kicking the breakers off, which will cause a house fire that could destroy everything. When using extension cords outside, ensure they are designed to be outdoors, and never use more than one in line at a time.

Anywhere that there is a connection between electrical cords must be covered to prevent fluid from entering into either plug. Use a container to cover them, waterproof tape or anything else that is lying around that can cover the ends.

One of the best ways to prevent electrical issues is to think about safety first. If something does not look safe, it probably isn’t. Never use any frayed or damaged wiring, even if it is the best inflatable in town. The family’s safety should always come before the Halloween scene in the yard.

Protect The Circuit Breaker

outletEach circuit in the house is rated for a specific amount of outgoing electricity. Never plug in more than the circuit can hold. In the least, this will prevent the circuits from tripping off. However, if those fun decorations have to go out, a surge protector is a must.  

Use surge protectors in all the areas where outdoor Halloween decorations are plugged in. The ones designed for outdoor lights with timers and surge protection built in are one of the best investments a homeowner can make. They connect all the inflatables into one outdoor-rated surge protector that can be set to turn on and off according to the schedule wanted.

Making a plan before creating the outdoor Halloween scene is a good idea because it can map out where everything will be plugged in, giving a chance to gather all the necessary items to make the design safe.

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