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AC Repair in Alexandria, LA

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"Some like it hot," or so the saying goes, and here in Louisiana, we definitely know when to turn on the heat. When it comes to gumbo or jambalaya, crawfish boils or slow-cooked barbeque, you can count on some spice. We are even known for our Tabasco factory, where you can test your courage on hundreds of hot sauces.

Louisiana is not just known for its hot and tasty food, however, but also for the sweltering humidity that makes the temperature feel at least 15 degrees warmer than it actually is. During the summer, you can expect to see residents of Alexandria retreating to their cool, air-conditioned homes, the only alternative to melting into a human-shaped puddle on the sidewalk.

But what happens when the unthinkable occurs, and your reliable air conditioner unit suddenly fails? There's a good reason to panic, since the scorching heat of July and August is not only uncomfortable, but can cause dehydration and even deadly sunstroke. In the case of this emergency, do not despair, but turn to us for AC repair in Alexandria, LA. Our technicians at Atlas Home Service will immediately work to solve your needs.

Call (318) 310-4189 or contact us online today to schedule fast, effective & affordable AC repair in Alexandria, LA!

What Are Signs You Need AC Repair in Alexandria, LA?

While sometimes air conditioners may suddenly break without warning, there are usually signs that something is beginning to malfunction. It is very important to know the signals that system is on its last legs so that you can request AC repairs in Alexandria before emergencies strike.

Some of the clearest signals that your AC is getting ready to break include:

  • Lukewarm or hot air – If your AC unit is blowing warm air, that is completely opposite to what your HVAC system is supposed to do. This is a clear warning sign that you need some serious support in fixing your unit.
  • High energy and utility bills – When you notice that your energy costs just keep going up, even when you haven’t been using the cooling function any more than usual, this is in an indication that your system is no longer efficiently working, and you will need AC maintenance at the very least for it to work properly.
  • Diminished airflow – Perhaps it's not that your air is still warm that is the problem, but the sheer lack of air that is making your unit run poorly. If there is very little airflow when you place your hand next to the vent, you definitely need to get a check-up from a professional. Weak airflow indicates there could be issues in the ductwork or the compressor as well.

Get Your Estimate for Air Conditioning Repair

Before we start on your AC repair in Alexandria, LA, our expert technicians will give you a careful, detailed estimate so that you know exactly what is being repaired and why. We can provide you a thorough, detailed explanation of everything you can expect from your repairs, as well as our unique process in maintaining safety while still keeping a rapid pace. Before you know it, you will have an excellent air conditioner unit fixed and running smoothly.

Contact us now at (318) 310-4189 so Atlas Home Service can schedule AC repair in Alexandria. We'll keep you as cool as a cucumber even as you munch on some Cajun’ heat.

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