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AC Installation & Replacement in Alexandria, LA

Install A New Air Conditioning Unit With Confidence

Here in the heart of Louisiana, we locals know that it gets hot, hot, hot! In fact, without a powerful air conditioning system in your home during the summer months, it gets so hot that you are likely to melt on the spot. Dying by perspiration is no way to go, and it does not make a very exciting headstone epitaph either. If you are looking to avoid melting into a damp puddle like the Wicked Witch from Oz, it is high time to get quality AC installation in Alexandria.

Maybe you are getting a brand-new unit for a brand-new house. Or perhaps you are simply looking to replace a faulty, older model before it breaks down and leaves you drenched in sweat beneath the sultry Louisiana sun. Either way, we promise that we will not leave you out in the heat. We thrive on supplying our customers with pure, quality air-conditioning, keeping you and your family feeling as fresh as spring magnolias. For any AC installations, trust Atlas Home Service to lead the way to a cool and happy future.

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When Should You Get a Professional AC Installation?

If you have just moved into a new home, one of the first things you will want to take care of is getting a powerful AC unit to blast you with cool, sweet air. But what if you already have air conditioning? When is it time to replace your system?

According to the most recent national studies, most HVAC systems installed within the last two decades have a lifetime average of about 14 years. If your current unit is more than ten years old and is having difficulties keeping your house chilled, it is likely that you need an upgrade.

You should especially watch out for the following warning signs of wear and tear that show your AC unit might need to be replaced. These signals include:

  • Increased usage but reduced effectiveness
  • Lukewarm air blowing
  • Decreased airflow from the vents
  • Rising monthly energy bills
  • Hot and cold spots intermingled
  • Rising costs of AC repairs and maintenance
  • Repetitive and unusual noises such as hissing, rattling, or banging
  • Odd and unpleasant smells like burning or sulfuric odors

The Five-Star Atlas Home Service AC Installation Process

Despite being in business since 2011, our mission to provide our customers with excellent service from start to finish has never wavered.

Our AC installation process includes:

  • A free in-home consultation: With us, scheduling a consultation is easy! Simply call us or fill out our online request form. Prior to your appointment, you’ll receive a text and email with a picture and information about the Atlas Team Member who will be assisting with your installation.
  • Assessing your home’s comfort needs: At Atlas Home Service, we don’t believe in “one-solution-fits-all” methods. Instead, an Atlas Team Member will sit down with you and listen attentively to your comfort needs to determine which units would work best for you.
  • Precise measuring and surveying of your property: In order for your brand-new AC unit to work efficiently and properly, it’s important that it is the right size for your property. We will take detailed measurements and survey your property to assess the condition of your ductwork and decide what size air conditioner would keep you cool as a cucumber despite the Louisiana heat.
  • Presenting you with pricing plans and payment options: We know that each household has its own budgetary needs and restraints. This is why we will present you with an array of options to choose from all designed to meet both your comfort needs and your financial situation. We also never want our customers to sacrifice having AC to save money which is why we offer financing with approved credit.
  • Perfect installation: Once you’ve selected which AC unit you’d like installed, we will allow you to pick a date that works best for you. On that day, we will arrive on time and put drop covers down to protect your property and keep it clean. Our experienced Atlas Team Members will install your AC unit and ensure everything is connected properly before we leave. Then we’ll leave you to enjoy the nice, refreshing blast of cool air in the comfort of your own home.

Family Oriented Customer Service

We would never want to be left baking in the middle of summer without a reliable air conditioning unit, which is why we are so determined to keep you from falling into a similar emergency of a broken AC. For all of us at Atlas Home Services, our team is not simply like a family – we actually are a family-owned business. This means that our customers are not simply a means to increase income. You are family too! And family does not let family roast like a plate of fried chicken. Call us now to beat the heat with our trusty and reliable AC installation in Alexandria.

Contact us now at (318) 310-4189 so you can keep on chilling later.

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The Atlas Difference

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    We hold state licenses and are state contractors covered by insurance to provide you assurance.

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    We offer free in-person quotes, financial options, and monthly promotions.

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  • Protect Your Home

    We wear shoe covers or lay drop cloths inside your home and clean up when we leave!

  • Background Checked Technicians

    All of our employees have passed a background check and are drug free.


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