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Generator Repairs in Alexandria

Our Local Team Can Help with the Most Common Generator Issues

Generators are not appliances that you can simply install and forget about. These convenient appliances will be your saving grace when you lose power, and they are certainly not difficult to maintain. They do require some basic maintenance, though, and even the most responsible generator owners will run into the occasional issue.

If you are experiencing any generator issues, one our factory-trained technicians at Atlas Home Service would be happy to help and can provide you with repair options after performing a thorough inspection and diagnosis on your generator. 

  • Battery Failure: This is one of the most common issues that generator owners face. Battery failure could be due to dirty connections. Terminals that connect the battery to the generator can get covered in debris and dust, which would prevent the battery from establishing a strong connection. Another possibility is that the battery terminals are loose, or the battery has failed completely. Batteries do typically need be replaced every 2-3 years to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Coolant Leaks: When coolant leaks and reservoir levels fall below acceptable limits, heat sensors within the generator will switch the unit off. There are numerous potential causes of coolant leaks, including leaking engine cylinder gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, and defective sleeves.
  • Faulty or Damaged Wiring: Over time, wiring can corrode, fray, or be cut. Damaged wiring is a critical repair that should not be postponed. Signs of deficient wiring may include low voltage warnings, malfunctioning gauges, and tripped breakers.
  • Low Fuel Levels: If your generator is not working, it could be because the fuel levels are too low to start the engine. It is important to make sure that your fuel level does not run out completely. If it does, air could get into the system, which will cause even more problems. Before you start your generator, check the fuel level gauge. Another issue that some generators run into is running out of fuel even if the gauge indicates that you have fuel. In this case, we will need to repair the fuel gauge, so you can continue accurately assessing fuel levels.
  • Low Oil Levels: We understand that maintaining proper oil levels in your generator is not exactly the most exciting task, but it is one that needs to be done if you want your appliance to work properly. If your oil levels are not sufficient, the engine will not be properly lubricated, which can cause permanent damage. It can even prevent your generator from turning on. To fix this issue, we will make sure the lubricant in your generator stays at the proper level and provide you with the best generator maintenance tips so you can prevent this issue from occurring in the future.
  • Dirty Air Filter: It is not safe to run a generator without a filter, or with a dirty air filter, because this can cause permanent damage to the engine. Air filters will keep out contaminants like dirt and debris, but these contaminants can also build up on the filter. If you run your generator often, it is wise to inspect the generator every few months. If the filter is dirty on both sides, it will need to be replaced. 
  • Burnt Components: Electrical components, motors, circuit boards, transfer coils, and other components can be subjected to extreme temperatures during generator operation. Exposure to high temperatures can damage these components and lead to malfunctions.
  • Bad Belts: Belts can wear out with regular usage. They can also wear simply due to old age. Worn, dry, or cracked belts are easily visible and should be replaced before they have a chance to break.

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Alexandria's Generator Repair Experts

No matter what the cause of the generator malfunction might be, you can trust that our team will get to the bottom of it and get your appliance working properly again.

To get the generator repairs you need in Alexandria, call Atlas Home Service at (318) 310-4189 or contact us online.

As always, Justin always assist me in any of my HVAC and generator concerns.

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