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Alexandria, LA, is known for its seasonal weather and unpredictable storms. With hot, humid summers and cold winters, having a working home generator certainly comes in handy. Power outages can happen when you least expect it, and so can the need for generator repairs. If you suspect your whole-home generator needs professional repair service, don’t hesitate to call Atlas Home Service. We are trained and certified to tackle any generator trouble that presents, and guarantee fast, accurate results, with 100 percent customer satisfaction. Whether you reside in the Alexandria metro area, or Rapides Parish, Louisiana, we can help!

Not all generator repair solutions are the same. Read our customer reviews to see how we consider our clients’ individual needs when we provide generator repair services.

Alexandria & Rapides Parish Backup Generator Repair

On average, standby generators last between 20-40 years. As with any home system that experiences normal wear and tear, your generator is likely to need repairs at some point in its lifetime. Belts are bound to go bad, batteries will need replacing, or your unit may simply fail to start. Whatever issue arises, we can deliver a correct and lasting solution.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Home Standby Generator

It’s not always obvious when your home generator needs repairs. You should have your device regularly inspected to prevent unexpected failure, or improper and unsafe operation. Maintenance can help you catch repairs early on, so that you stay ahead of problems that may arise at unideal times. Wondering if your generator has issues? Here are a few signs you may need to hire a repair professional:

  • Your unit is slow to start
  • The power flow of your system is low or inconsistent
  • Oil, coolant, or fuel is leaking from your generators tanks, lines, or hoses
  • There is visible damage to your generator’s enclosure or electrical components
  • Your system’s battery is low, or is more than 3 years old

Your generator should be serviced at least once a year. Contact us to make an appointment for generator maintenance or repairs today.

Your Local Whole Home Generator Repair Professionals

Your generator may work behind the scenes, but it shouldn’t fall behind on repairs. The technicians at Atlas Home Service are highly skilled and experienced to perform any and all generator repair tasks that your system may throw your way. Whether your unit is leaking, has worn out parts, or has damaged wiring — among a variety of other possible problems — we’ll fix it, and fast! You can count on us to have your backup generator up and running safely and smoothly, so that you can enjoy the security of having accessible power on site, no matter the weather.

If you’re looking for a reliable generator repair technician, look no further. Call Atlas Home Service at 318-528-8755 for top-notch generator repair services in the Alexandria, LA, area.