Whole House Surge Protector in Alexandria and Rapides Parish

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Power surges can originate from sources outside the home, including power grid switching or overvoltage on utility lines. They can also come from inside the house, such as when you turn larger appliances on and off.

So, what can you do to protect your investments? Install a whole-house surge protector. At Atlas Home Service, we offer surge protection installation services throughout Alexandria, LA, and the surrounding area.

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Why Do Power Surges Happen in Rapides Parish, LA?

Large power surges can come from downed power lines and lightning, while smaller power surges may result from faulty appliances. While large power surges can cause significant, noticeable damage, small and frequent surges can also compromise your home’s electrical system and electronics and shorten their lifespan.

Common causes of power surges include:

  • Lightning
  • Short circuits and tripped circuit breakers
  • Faulty or old wiring
  • Problems with the utility company’s equipment
  • Power line surges
  • Large appliances cycling power on and off

Is Whole House Surge Protection Installation Necessary in Alexandria and Rapides Parish?

A whole-house surge protector can keep you and your family safe whenever you experience a power surge. If your home doesn’t have whole-house surge protection, check out the following compelling reasons to invest in it:

  • Complete electrical system protection
  • Prevent damage to appliances and devices
  • Prevent electrical fires
  • Protect your high-tech gadgets
  • Peace of mind
  • Help your appliances work better

Most power surges go unnoticed. You may notice your microwave has reset its clock or your lights flicker, indicating a power interruption. These brief spikes in electrical current may not seem noteworthy but can cause expensive damage. A whole-house surge protector prevents damage from outside threats like lightning strikes and power surges within the home.

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