Child-Proof Outlets: Fast and Affordable Installation in Alexandria, LA, and Rapides Parish, Louisiana

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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe: Quality Child-Proof Electrical Outlet Installation in The Alexandria Metro Area

Prepping your home for a baby is an overwhelming process. While all parents focus on decorations and furniture, many often forget about covering the outlets.

At Atlas Home Service, we excel at installing child-proof outlets for homeowners in Alexandria, LA, and Central Louisiana. We are a family-owned and woman-operated company, offering full service for electrical, generators, and HVAC systems. When you partner with us, you can expect free in-home quotes, trustworthy and pet-friendly techs, and flat-rate pricing.

We will come on time, check all your outlets, and make sure they are safe for crawling babies. Then, if necessary, we’ll do minor electrical repairs to ensure your system performs safely.

Why Are Child-Proof Outlets Essential in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, and the Alexandria Metro Area?

Child-proof outlets are essential safety equipment in any residential property in Alexandria, LA, and the Alexandria Metro area. Crawling babies and little children can suffer an electrical shock if they interfere with electrical outlets, and a child-safe outlet prevents this. Up to a dozen children a year suffer electrical shocks from sticking items in the outlets, resulting in severe injuries.

At Atlas Home Service, we understand the need to install child-proof outlets and do it with care and attention to detail. Our technicians are available to address your needs and concerns 24/7. Besides increased safety, here are some other benefits of installing these outlets in your home:

  • Peace of mind
  • Adherence to local standards and rules (child-proof outlets are mandatory in new homes)
  • Electrical system protection

We have the tools and skills necessary to check your outlets and install appropriate protection. We can offer you outlet plugs, sliding outlet covers, or box outlet covers as some of the best protective options in the industry. Don’t hesitate to call and book an electrical inspection or generator maintenance.

Electrical Services in Alexandria, LA, and Rapides Parish, Louisiana

It takes seconds for children to insert their fingers into an outlet and injure themselves. If you don’t want to spend another minute dealing with open outlets and the threat they pose, consider our electrical services.

The Atlas Home Service team offers reliable service for local homeowners in Alexandria, LA, and Greater Alexandria. Our licensed and insured technicians will come quickly to inspect your outlet and provide you with the best protective solution. Call our knowledgeable and friendly experts to ask about our service rates.

Partner with Atlas Home Service and child-proof our home quickly and easily. Call 318-528-8755 today for licensed electricians and quality child-proof outlets in Alexandria, LA, Shreveport, Willow Glen, Buckeye, Deville, Big Island, and Bunkie.