Evaporator Coil Services in Alexandria and Rapides Parish

Atlas Home Service offers top-notch AC evaporator coil repair, cleaning, and replacement services in Alexandria, LA, and nearby areas such as Shreveport, Lake Charles, and Leesville. Call today to schedule your evaporator coil services!

Your home’s air conditioner consists of several components, each crucial to maintaining a fully functioning, efficient system. If a critical part, such as the evaporator coil, breaks down, the entire system may fail and leave your home uncomfortably hot.

Fortunately, Atlas Home Service has a team of licensed and insured experts to help restore your comfort. We offer evaporator coil cleaning, repair, and replacement services in Alexandria, LA, and the surrounding area. As a family-owned and woman-operated business, we care about the local community and uphold values of integrity and trustworthiness.

We set ourselves apart from other contractors in the industry with pet-friendly techs, flat-rate pricing, and excellent customer service.

We also offer full service for electrical, generators, and HVAC systems throughout central Louisiana. Contact us today for free in-home quotes!

The Importance of AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning in Rapides Parish, LA

The evaporator coil holds the AC refrigerant and draws warmth from the air to cool your space. The resulting moisture attracts dirt and debris, which can clog the coil and negatively impact your air conditioner’s performance. Benefits of evaporator coil services include:

  • Better system efficiency
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Better indoor air quality
  • No frozen coil
  • Extended equipment lifespan

Our trustworthy technicians offer evaporator coil cleaning services throughout the Alexandria Metro Area. We can clean your coils as an individual service or as part of a maintenance plan.

Signs of Defective Evaporator Coils

You may wondering how to tell if your evaporator coil has gone bad. Watch out for the following signs of a failing evaporator coil:

  • Weak cold air
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Strange odors
  • The compressor won’t work
  • Loud noises
  • Leaks or wet spots around the blower unit

Our knowledgeable and friendly experts at Atlas Home Service can diagnose your AC and fix it quickly. Need urgent help? Contact us to ask about our emergency service rates.

We also offer AC refrigerant leak services throughout Greater Alexandria!

Expert Evaporator Coil Replacement Services in The Alexandria Metro Area

In some cases, you may have to replace your evaporator coils rather than repair them. Our technicians offer expert evaporator coil installation for those damaged beyond repair. Serving Alexandria, LA, and the surrounding areas for over a decade, we know how to correctly install the ideal replacement part to fit your needs.

Scheduling evaporator coil services before your evaporator coil stops functioning can save you discomfort and money. A quick maintenance visit can prevent the need for costly repair or replacement while also optimizing your system’s efficiency.

If your evaporator coil malfunctions, call Atlas Home Service for AC evaporator coil cleaning, repair, or replacement. We proudly serve Alexandria, LA, and nearby areas such as Pineville, Lafayette, and Monroe. Call us today at 318-528-8755 to discuss your needs and schedule service.