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AC Maintenance in Alexandria, LA

Providing Comprehensive Air Conditioning Service

The name “Kelvin” is an important one. Although most of us might only vaguely remember hearing the name in our old sophomore chemistry class, the Scottish physicist Lord Kelvin did a lot more than create the “Kelvin Scale.” Not only did he graduate college at the age of 10, but the young genius would go on to discover the Second Law of Thermodynamics and entropy. Boiled down, this is a fancy term for the idea that everything that is originally clean and orderly eventually falls into disorganization and chaos. 

But perhaps you don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out – just take a look at the kitchen sink or the laundry hamper or your kids’ bedroom ten minutes after you have finally completed your deep spring cleaning. No matter how organized and perfect something is in the beginning, it eventually falls into disrepair.

This same law applies to your AC unit as well. Even the highest quality air conditioner needs to be frequently and carefully maintained, or it will begin to experience minor issues that can eventually become major ones. If you are looking for superb AC maintenance in Alexandria, our specialists at Atlas Home Service can make sure that your HVAC system is always smoothly running in tip-top condition.

Schedule comprehensive AC maintenance in Alexandria, LA, by calling (318) 310-4189 or submitting a contact form online today!

How Often Should You Schedule AC Maintenance?

HVAC professionals recommend you schedule preventative AC maintenance at least once a year, ideally in the spring. Doing so allows you to be proactive in preventing or resolving minor AC problems before they become major and more costly. In addition, you increase its life expectancy by 15-20 years, providing a greater return on your investment.

From a thorough inspection that potentially unearths electrical issues, for example, which may otherwise be overlooked, to the comprehensive cleaning of important parts like filters and coils, AC maintenance gives you peace of mind in the efficiency and longevity of your system. By scheduling an air conditioner tune-up once annually, you take control over how your system performs, as opposed to simply hoping nothing goes wrong and reacting once it does.

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Transparent Integrity

Our honest professionals will go the extra mile in explaining the way your mechanisms work in detail. You will not be left in the dark since we can share with you how the process of your AC unit works, and just how frequent AC maintenance tune-ups in Alexandria will upgrade your system’s effectiveness.

Contact us now at (318) 310-4189 so that Atlas Home Service can help you maintain a high quality of life through a well-maintained AC unit.

As always, Justin always assist me in any of my HVAC and generator concerns.

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