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About Atlas Home Service

At Atlas Home Service, our priority is keeping your home comfortable and safe all year long. Our approach to heating, cooling, and electrical services begins with matching your home with the best system for you. Then we provide regular maintenance to help your system last as long as possible. You can always count on us for professional, fairly-priced installations, maintenance, and repairs.

In 2011, Atlas Home Service was founded on an observation about the lack of customer service in the home service industry and the belief that we could do better. Today our customers know us as the people they can trust to be polite and very knowledgeable. We have a reputation for being prompt, very professional, and always doing a fantastic job.

When you call us for service in your home, our highly-trained technicians arrive on time, diagnose your heating, electrical, and air conditioning problems, and offer expert solutions ranging from simple repairs to full system replacement, depending on the severity. We always provide options so you can make the final call about what is best for your home.

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Our Mission

Providing a phenomenal customer experience, every time!
We don’t use the word “phenomenal” lightly. It is the code by which we operate our business. In everything we do, we seek to raise the bar by working hard and treating every customer how we would like to be treated. We are always looking to improve ourselves and our services. At Atlas Home Service, we work to make sure every team member, technician, service, truck, and job is phenomenal.

We make two promises:
Customer Service: Since our inception, our mission has always been to provide the highest level of customer service. From your first conversation when you call until your Atlas Home Service technician leaves your home, we will always strive to bring our customers the best service.

Employee Appreciation: We are also dedicated to taking care of our employees. We always want them to feel valued for the knowledge and time they have dedicated to learning all about electrical, heating, and cooling systems. We vow to continue to provide a positive and safe work environment, and to invest as much into you as you do into our customers’ homes

A Phenomenal Team
We are much stronger as a team than any of us could be on our own. Atlas Home Service cares about each and every member of our team from owners to technicians, to office staff, to office pets (yes, they are part of the team too!). We honor and serve each other by supporting each other, and working closely together to ensure we are all on the same page. Alone, we may be pretty darn good, but together, we are phenomenal!
Always Phenomenal Service
Our dedication to service doesn't stop at our customers' AC, heating, and electrical systems. We aim to serve our community by giving back to local organizations and charities. We serve our employees by offering fair wages and benefits. And we serve our customers with honesty and integrity. Everything we do, we do it phenomenally.
Keeping our Phenomenal Reputation
Over the last decade, we have earned a reputation for being dependable, knowledgeable, friendly, thorough, and fairly priced. Upholding our phenomenal reputation by earning favorable customer reviews through hard work and customer care is one way we practice what we preach.
Remembering Our Mission
In everything we do, we remember our above-stated missions-- to provide phenomenal customer service and take good care of all of our employees. As long as we keep those two important values in mind, we believe we'll never go wrong!